March 11, 2017

Spiritual Combat

Lent with Pope Benedict XVI

"St. Augustine remarks that those who want to walk in the love of God and his mercy, cannot be content with ridding themselves of grave and mortal sins but: 

"should do the truth, also recognizing sins that are considered less grave . . ., and come to the light by doing worthy actions. Even less grave sins, if they are ignored, proliferate and produce death." 

"Lent reminds us, therefore, that the Christian life is a never-ending combat in which the "weapons" of prayer, fasting and penance are used; 
Fighting against evil, against every form of selfishness and hate, and dying to oneself to live in God is the ascetic journey that every disciple of Jesus is called to make with humility and patience, with generosity and perseverance." 

-Excerpt from Pope Benedict's March 2006 Ash Wed Homily

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