March 19, 2017

Praying in the Light of Christ

Lenten Reflections with Pope Benedict XVI

"Together with fasting and works of mercy, 
prayer is the backbone of our spiritual life."

"Dear brothers and sisters, I urge you to find in this Lenten season prolonged moments of silence, possible in retreat, in order to review your own lives in the light of the loving plan of the heavenly Father."

"Let yourselves be guided in this more intense listening to God by the Virgin Mary, a teacher and a model of prayer. Even in the thick darkness of Christ's passion she did not lose the light of her divine Son but rather treasured it in her heart. For this we call on her as Mother of Trust and Hope!"

-Angelus Address, Second Sunday of Lent, March 8, 2009
Published by Word Among us Press. Link to Purchase: Lent With Pope Benedict
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