March 5, 2017

Lent With Pope Benedict XVI 

"The Christian's life is a life of Faith,founded on the Word of God and nourished by it. 
In the trials of life and in every temptation the secret of victory lies 
in listening to the word of truth and rejecting with determination falsehood and evil. 

This is the true and central program of the Lenten season: 
To listen to the word of truth; to live, speak and do what is true; 
to refuse falsehood that poisons humanity and is the vehicle of all evils. 

It is therefore urgently necessary in these 40 days to listen anew to the gospel, 
the word of the Lord, the word of truth, so that in every Christian, in every one of us, 
the understanding of the truth given to him, given to us, may be strengthened, 
so that we may live and witness to it."

Excerpt from Ash Wed General Audience, March 2006

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