October 13, 2015

Open Letter To His Eminence Cardinal Dolan and Synod 2015 Fathers - From One of "The New Minority"

Eminence, this blog is being composed as a response to your statement, "Inclusion of the New Minority." The statement in it's entirety can be seen here: Cardinal Dolan: Inclusion of The New Minority

According to your letter, "The New Minority" are those who are Faithful to Catholic teaching and receive very little support and encouragement from, well, anywhere:

"Can I suggest as well that there is now a new minority in the world and even in the Church?  I am thinking of those who, relying on God’s grace and mercy, strive for virtue and fidelity: Couples who — given the fact that, at least in North America, only half of our people even enter the sacrament of matrimony–  approach the Church for the sacrament;  Couples who, inspired by the Church’s teaching that marriage is forever, have persevered through trials; couples who welcome God’s gifts of many babies; a young man and woman who have chosen not to live together until marriage; a gay man or woman who wants to be chaste; a couple who has decided that the wife would sacrifice a promising professional career to stay at home and raise their children — these wonderful people today often feel themselves a minority, certainly in culture, but even, at times in the Church!  I believe there are many more of them than we think, but, given today’s pressure, they often feel excluded.
"Where do they receive support and encouragement? From TV?   From magazines or newspapers?  From movies?  From Broadway?  From their peers?  Forget it!
They are looking to the Church, and to usfor support and encouragement, a warm sense of inclusion.  We cannot let them down!"

Well said and many thanks your Eminence! I'd like to add that there is something very wrong in a church where the Faithful - those who actually strive to FOLLOW church  teaching - have become a minority. As always the church is and has been missionary, praise God. In Pope Francis we can truly see "Peter, fisher of men." 

I humbly beseech your Eminence, and all the Synod Fathers, to remain mindful that Catholic teaching is ever Faithful, ever new. As you well know - and as Pope Benedict reiterated time and time again: Truth is not subjective. He also predicted that the church would become smaller.

Please let your hearts and minds be guided by the Holy Spirit to remain in Objective Truth while adhering to the missionary nature of the church. Of course we do not exclude - but we don't water down Truth to suit the culture. Jesus didn't mince words - nor should any of the Synod Fathers. Please, don't allow the evil one to continue obliterating the Catholic Faithful into becoming/remaining a "minority."  May God continue to give us all the grace to remain Faithful. May Jesus find Faith when He comes again. Prayers.
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