October 26, 2015

On The Duty Of Confessing Our Faith

"So let your light shine before men, that they may see
your good works, and glorify your Father Who is in heaven."
(Matthew 5:16)

"The Catechism Explained" 
(Spirago-Clarke,Tan Books) states that "God requires of us to make outward profession of our Faith." It continues:
"We are bound in our words and actions to let men know that we are Christians and Catholics. It is by open profession of our faith that we help others (as we see from the above words of our Lord), to know God better and to honor Him more."
"The open profession of our Faith [leads others] and also strengthens us in all that is good, for 'practice makes perfect.' Unhappily many are too often cowards. For fear of being laughed at, or by some disadvantage in worldly affairs or interests, many have not the courage to openly profess Faith, or to defend their religion when it is attacked; they laugh at indecent or profane stories, join in immodest conversation, or join in talk against the church in order to avoid the jests of their companions."
Wisely, "The Catechism Explained" also warns us against hostile debate regarding the Faith: 
"We should also try to avoid all 'wrangling' discussions and controversies about religion which generally do harm and embitter others against the Truth." 
It is imperative that we remain mindful of our goal - not to "win" an argument - but to lead souls to Christ. Christians, we are always called to "speak the truth in love."
"The Catechism Explained" continues: 
"Our Lord has promised eternal life to him who fearlessly makes profession of his/her faith. For He has said 'Every one of your who confess Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father Who is in heaven" (Matthew 10:32)."
Finally, as we go forth let us heed the words of Saint Paul to the Ephesians:

"Put on the armor of God, so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil." 

Friends - we are on the front lines of the spiritual battle. The souls of our loved ones, friends and neighbors are at stake. We must boldly live our Faith in the public square, in our daily lives . . . in ALL we do! Onward, Christian soldiers.
Ref: The Catechism An Exhaustive Explanation of the Catholic Religion. Rev. Francis Spirago/edited by Rev. Richard F. Clarke,S.J.Copyright 1899,1921 by Benziger Bros, NY. Tan Books & Publishers, Inc. Rockford, Illinois 61105.   

October 13, 2015

Open Letter To His Eminence Cardinal Dolan and Synod 2015 Fathers - From One of "The New Minority"

Eminence, this blog is being composed as a response to your statement, "Inclusion of the New Minority." The statement in it's entirety can be seen here: Cardinal Dolan: Inclusion of The New Minority

According to your letter, "The New Minority" are those who are Faithful to Catholic teaching and receive very little support and encouragement from, well, anywhere:

"Can I suggest as well that there is now a new minority in the world and even in the Church?  I am thinking of those who, relying on God’s grace and mercy, strive for virtue and fidelity: Couples who — given the fact that, at least in North America, only half of our people even enter the sacrament of matrimony–  approach the Church for the sacrament;  Couples who, inspired by the Church’s teaching that marriage is forever, have persevered through trials; couples who welcome God’s gifts of many babies; a young man and woman who have chosen not to live together until marriage; a gay man or woman who wants to be chaste; a couple who has decided that the wife would sacrifice a promising professional career to stay at home and raise their children — these wonderful people today often feel themselves a minority, certainly in culture, but even, at times in the Church!  I believe there are many more of them than we think, but, given today’s pressure, they often feel excluded.
"Where do they receive support and encouragement? From TV?   From magazines or newspapers?  From movies?  From Broadway?  From their peers?  Forget it!
They are looking to the Church, and to usfor support and encouragement, a warm sense of inclusion.  We cannot let them down!"

Well said and many thanks your Eminence! I'd like to add that there is something very wrong in a church where the Faithful - those who actually strive to FOLLOW church  teaching - have become a minority. As always the church is and has been missionary, praise God. In Pope Francis we can truly see "Peter, fisher of men." 

I humbly beseech your Eminence, and all the Synod Fathers, to remain mindful that Catholic teaching is ever Faithful, ever new. As you well know - and as Pope Benedict reiterated time and time again: Truth is not subjective. He also predicted that the church would become smaller.

Please let your hearts and minds be guided by the Holy Spirit to remain in Objective Truth while adhering to the missionary nature of the church. Of course we do not exclude - but we don't water down Truth to suit the culture. Jesus didn't mince words - nor should any of the Synod Fathers. Please, don't allow the evil one to continue obliterating the Catholic Faithful into becoming/remaining a "minority."  May God continue to give us all the grace to remain Faithful. May Jesus find Faith when He comes again. Prayers.

October 9, 2015


Irondale, AL (EWTN) – 
Canada is one of the few countries in the world that offers abortion right up until the moment of delivery. Assisted suicide will also become legal in Canada by Feb. 5, 2016, if not sooner. As Canada’s Oct. 19 elections draw near, some of the most distinguished champions of Canada’s pro-life movement have gathered to discuss the many life and death issues the country faces. (Click here for a preview: http://bit.ly/1RskFpS.) 

Hear them speak at 4 p.m. ET, Saturday, Oct. 10, when EWTN broadcasts in Canada and the U.S. and streams online (under the television tab at www.ewtn.com) the first-ever “Canadian Pro-Life Roundtable” from St. Brigid’s Centre for the Performing Arts in Ottawa. (Additional airings in Canada are 1:30 a.m. ET, Oct. 21; 10 p.m. ET, Oct. 14; 1:30 p.m. ET, Oct. 16; and 1:30 p.m. ET, Oct. 18.) Co-Hosts Jim & Joy Pinto, of EWTN’s “At Home with Jim & Joy”, serve as moderators for four panel discussions, produced by EWTN in association with DunnMedia & Entertainment.

Here’s the line-up:
     1) History and Current State of Affairs of the Abortion Issue in Canada: An introductory segment intended to bring international audiences up-to-date. Panelists include Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergrast, Journalist Deborah Gyapong, Campaign Life Coalition’s Tanya Granic Allen, and Action Life Executive Director Louise Harbour.
     2) Euthanasia and Conscience Rights for Doctors: A discussion of the moral and legal rights of doctors in following their consciences and the new mandate from the College of Physicians in Ontario. Panelists include Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Executive Director Alex Schadenberg, Carleton University (Ottawa) Student Activist Taylor Hyatt, Geriatric Psychiatrist Dr. Tim Lau, and Catholic Civil Rights League Executive Director Dr. Christian Domenic Elia.
     3) Abortion, Politics and the Culture of Death: The state of affairs in Canadian politics, focusing on this year’s elections and the various parties’ stances on abortion. Panelists include Archbishop Prendergrast; Gyapong; LifeSite News’ Patrick Craine, Campaign Life Coalition Youth’s Alissa Golob.
     4) Changing Hearts & Minds: A segment on the need to promote pro-life candidates, which calls on Canadians to volunteer and support pro-life organizations in their cities and on college campuses. Panelists include theRebel.media’s Brian Lilley, Campaign Life Coalition‘s Shantel Jose, Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform’s Jonathan Van Maren,; and National Campus Life Network Executive Director Rebecca Richmond.

These issues are not only important to Canadians, but to all people of life. Share your thoughts and stories, and show your support for life on social media, by using the hashtags #LetLifeWin and #ivoteprolifefirst.

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