July 8, 2015

Catholics: Stand With Father Kevin Cusick For Absolute Truth NOW!

I've been remiss in blogging for, well, a long time due to "life" getting in the way. Thankfully I've still been functional as an EWTN press release site - an honor. 

I haven't blogged for lack of material . . . as all Faithful Catholics are aware these are times of trial - of severe satanic attack - the likes of which we haven't seen in our lifetimes.

It was our beloved Saint Pope John Paul II who warned, "Woe to you America if you do not succeed in defending life." 

Abortion is one of the most pressing issues of our time, with millions of innocent babies having been murdered to date. A "Faithful" Catholic - meaning one who actually practices what the church and Her Founder Jesus Christ teaches - is pro life. PERIOD. Not only are we pro life, we are called to DEFEND innocent life "from the womb to the tomb." 
See Abortion Statistics Here: 
Life Site News: Number of Abortions since Roe v Wade

For Clarification on Catholic Truth relating to abortion:


Tragically abortion genocide has even infiltrated "The Catholic Health Association." Father Kevin Cusick is a holy priest/military chaplain I've been following on twitter who has petitioned the USCCB for the removal of CHAUSA Leader: Pro Abortion "Nun" Sister Carol Keehan - or the title "Catholic" - from the Catholic Health Association.

From Father Cusick's Blog:

"Abortion is not healthcare; it is murder. Sister Carol Keehan has openly defied Jesus Christ by her encouraging and enabling behavior at every step of the process to introduce the HHS mandate as part of the “Affordable” Healthcare Plan. Even the title of the plan itself has turned out to be a specious lie as so many people are now bankrupted by the program or turned away from any source of health insurance altogether. Above every other consideration, however, the plan is not about health care as long as it approves or pays for any form of abortifacients."
Father Cusick also prudently reminds us:
"We must support our bishops by prayer and obedience. We must act in tandem with them to spread and nurture the Catholic faith for the salvation of souls. But at the same time we are all of us, bishops and people, alike subject to the faith and morals of the Church of Christ, and must help and correct each other whenever that becomes necessary in order to do the same." 
I would humbly add that we pray for Sister Carol. Truly she is on the path of eternal perdition and I fear for her soul. 

My request is that you support Father Cusick's petition. WE NEED TO STAND UP IN THESE EVIL TIMES! Disciples . . . we've been quiet for too long and have allowed evils such as abortion to infiltrate Holy Mother Church. So please, join me on the front lines in support of this petition: A Priest For Life: Why I Am Asking Our Bishops To Remove Sr Carol Keehan from Leadership of the CHAUSA or Title "Catholic" from It's Name.

If you are on twitter, kindly follow Father Cusick  show him some Catholic love, share his petition and be blessed by authentic, holy church teaching. God's grace be with you all. 

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