March 8, 2015

REVEALED: ICON of 21 Coptic Christian Martyrs in Libya by COPTIC AMERICAN ARTIST

Coptic American Artist Tony Rezk is the humble writer of this now famous, beautiful Icon of the 21 Coptic Christians martyred by IS terrorists in Libya.

From Tony's blog, Contra Mundum:
 "As I sat and watched the feed on my IPad, my heart began to sink, my body began to shake, and I grew extremely anxious. It was surreal watching something that seemed like a movie, instead these weren't actors, but real people being led to their slaughter by masked men"
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Tony Rezk Blogspot 
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Tony, this American Catholic is so grateful for your poignant contribution to the Faith. Love and prayers for you and the families of all the thousands who have been martyred at the hands of terrorists.

Special thanks to my Egyptian friend Dioscorus Boles for doing the research and presenting it on twitter. 
You can follow his educational and informative  "Coptic Nationalism" blog here: Dioscorus Boles on Coptic Nationalism
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