March 2, 2015


A petition is circulating against Faithful Shepard of the church Archbishop Cordileone - in attempt to restrict religious freedom within a religious institution: Catholic School! 

It is not only unjust but communistic in nature to refer to Catholic teaching within CATHOLIC LEARNING INSTITUTIONS as "discriminatory" as this petition against the Archbishop attempts to do.

"San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has proposed that teachers and staff at Bay Area high schools within the Archdiocese accept “morality clauses” that condemn homosexuality as contrary to “natural law,” contraception as “intrinsically evil,” ordination of female priests as impossible, and use of assisted reproductive technology as a “grave evil.” Every staff member is expected to “conduct their lives so as to not visibly contradict, undermine or deny these truths.” 

It has nothing to do with discrimination and everything to do with "the powers that be" trying to take down the church. The enemy has been and continues to advance swiftly.

The Catholic church has EVERY RIGHT to practice and adhere to the Faith within Her learning institutions. Christians, this issue is crucial and a vital precedent will be set. The enemy unceasingly prowls and we are on the FRONT LINES OF AN UNRELENTING SIEGE AGAINST THE CHURCH. We must pray and ACT NOW.

I ask ALL people of Faith including our Christian brothers and sisters of other denominations to join us in fighting the relentless adversary. Please visit this petition and Flag it as inappropriate:

Petition: Discrimination and fear don't belong in our schools

If you haven't already - I strongly urge you to sign THIS petition by Catholic - thanking and supporting our Faithful Archbishop.

From Catholic Vote:
"Here are the details:
The Archbishop released a document clarifying Catholic teaching on issues such as the sanctity of all life, the definition of marriage, contraception, and other points of Catholic doctrine. He asked that teachers in Catholic schools “avoid fostering confusion among the faithful and any dilution of the schools’ primary Catholic mission. [They] are expected to arrange and conduct their lives so as not to visibly contradict, undermine or deny these truths.”
He wrote that this was not meant to target teachers for dismissal or micromanage their personal lives. But for the sake of the students, they are asked to not publicly contradict Church teaching.
And now a group of eight California lawmakers are demanding the Archbishop “reconsider and withdraw” the reforms he instituted. These anti-Catholic politicians accused the Archbishop of being “divisive” and are demanding that he “stop his attack” on lesbians and gays."
Link to Article:


Fellow prayer warriors - take comfort in knowing we are all in this battle together. Pray without ceasing. See you on the front lines.

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