February 6, 2015

Here Are The Tools to Negate POTUS Comparison of Christians to Islamic State

On the off chance that you haven't  heard POTUS' recent remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast: He irrationally compared Christians to ISIS by citing the Crusades. Watch and listen:

It's easy to become incensed over such diabolical statements, especially coming from the leader of the United States of America. We must collect ourselves and take action. We cannot allow yet another deception to be perpetuated - let us instead strive to educate others. 

These diabolical tactics either seek to soften the horrors of ISIS or are born of true ignorance - neither of which befit a U.S. President. To somehow attempt to put the emphasis on Christians - especially in light of the recent Christian genocide at the hands of ISIS in Mosul, Iraq - adds insult to severe injury. 

So let us begin to educate. In this video Dr Bill Warner of the "Center for the Study of Political Islam" gives a "history on the Crusades and what really happened" courtesy of Catholic radio show host Patrick Madrid:

Lastly I submit a rather short video in which several experts on Islamic terrorism (including Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Dr Bill Warner) explain why ISIS is CLEARLY practicing ISLAM in it's purest form.

Please feel free to share this with those who do not understand the reality: That the evil fought in the Crusades is the very same evil we fight now at the hands of ISIS. Finally Christians, never forget that you are His Hands! Speak the Truth in Love and please - remember to pray for guidance before, during and after these conversations. God bless you :)

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