June 14, 2014

Will you join me as I Cry For Life?

I am not an academically trained writer.

I write from the heart.
I pray from the heart.
I cry out against the grave injustices of this world from the heart.

"Cry For Life" Image 

Through a connection I made online  I've been blessed and invited to write for the new "Cry for Life" blog. I will institute the Cry For Life prayer online cenacle. Please accept this blessing and help me to bless others by sharing the crucial work of this ministry. By sharing the Light of Christ together - we can illuminate the ever increasing darkness of this torn and tattered world. This is the time. We don't stand together to defend against the darkness, we march forward on the offensive - front lines, spiritual battle.  

I pray that "Cry For Life" will bless you, and all whom we may serve. I pray that the founders of this ministry (who were kind enough to ask me to write for them) will be blessed. Godspeed.

Link: Cry For Life: There is Hope

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