June 28, 2014

Secular Entertainment: What is a Christian to do?

It's funny how many of us are careful about what we put into our mouths. We know that if we eat high calorie, high fat foods we will gain weight. Worse than that we can become obese and even worse: unhealthy . . .  possibly developing adult onset diabetes, high cholesterol . . . the list goes on.

So,why aren't we as concerned about our spiritual health - which is eternal? Just as we try not to choose foods that destroy the body just imagine if we said, "No, I won't watch that violent, sexually explicit film . . . I'm striving for sainthood!"

I'm not a fan of the "brainwashing box" to begin with. But we all enjoy a good movie. You may be happy to know that there are MANY excellent Christian (non-secular) movies out there.  If you'd like to try a few on for size my top recommendations are: Courageous, War room, God's Not Dead, Fireproof, Seven days in Utopia, The Five people you meet in heaven, The Mighty Macs, Pilgrims Progress,  Facing the Giants, The Encounter, Flywheel - and you've probably heard of "The Passion of the Christ" . . . just to name a few. Some Christian movies don't have a huge Hollywood budget - but they are still terrific.

If I do watch a secular movie - it's rated PG or under. Tragically "worldly" content in our present "R" rated culture includes instances of sexual interactions, full nudity, vulgar language, homosexuality, violence, gore, rape, adultery . . . you get the picture. This is not really "entertainment" but corrupt seed planting.

So WHAT is a Christian to do - not only as an adult but even more so to protect the purity and innocence of children?
 I recommend this site for secular movie reviews: 

Television is a hot mess too. Most "music videos" are nothing more than soft core porn. T.V. shows, news sites with illicit thumbnails . . . books . . . and then we have magazines - covers featuring scantily clad models on display for all to see! It's disgraceful and clearly un-Godly. It's all meant to change our thinking "Maybe it's not that bad."  Friends, we ain't gonna walk with God and hold hands with the devil - nuh-uh, no-way. We cannot serve two masters!

Our Blessed Lord tells us that when one "lusts with the eye he has already committed adultery." Adultery - either to a spouse - or to a chaste, single life. Unfortunately there are many Christian adults who believe they can watch/look at/read this stuff with a "filter," somehow stopping it from seeping into their spirit. Incorrect -  evil is insidious.

The enemy looks for ANY pinhole to stick a claw in - to to get a hold on you. You're not outsmarting him. Even the most "holy" can and will fall by thinking "oh, just a little," or "some" won't hurt. Would you drink "a little" poison???

Guard yourselves my dear friends - and your precious offspring. Now more than ever the devil is "prowling, seeking whom he can devour." We must be vigilant in ALL things, lest we become spiritually unhealthy or worse - spiritually dead - which leads us to eternal perdition.

Let us be mindful of always asking ourselves:
Would Jesus watch/listen/read --->_________?  Pray on it. Thank you and God bless.

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