April 4, 2014

Friday Lenten Reflection

Have you experienced the joy of confession yet?
If not . . . why not?

The Sacraments are there to bring us closer to God - Lent is a great time for this!
If you are afraid to confess your sin never fear -  the priest has heard it before.
Seventeen years ago when I returned to the Sacrament after 20 years it was a "face to face"confession . . . and I felt so wonderfully cleansed! The priest told me the angels in heaven were dancing because I had returned to the church - they rejoiced for the "one!" 

If face to face makes you uncomfortable - or if you prefer the old way - you can still go behind the screen - never fear. So go for it - what have you got to lose - but the weight on your shoulders?Celebrate the Sacrament of reconciliation today and experience His mercy and His Love for you.

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