January 29, 2014

Review: Disney's "Frozen" Is A Frozen Treat

I'll say it outright: I LOVED "Frozen."

From the moment the theater darkens - even before an image appears on screen - a feast for the ears begins. Harmonious vocals flow from the speakers and dance through the air, delighting the hearer! The music from the start is simply lovely - and the visuals - from the first multi dimensional snowflake - are stunning. This coming from one who dislikes winter! Once again Disney lives up to its reputation: excelling at everything they do.

You won't find any real spoilers here - only a brief commentary . . . but suffice it to say this film is perfect for young and old alike. The central characters are two sisters: Princesses Elsa and Anna. The movie's overall message is timeless and one that a Christian is already familiar with - that of sacrificial love.

"Frozen" shows how difficult life can be growing up and what can occur as a result - to any one of us. The "ice" scenes are amazing. It is visually and musically stunning. A nice love story unfolds between two of the characters and there are a few "frozen treats" along the way - a really cute snowman, some adorable trolls and, well . . . you'll see!

It occurred to me that this would make a wonderful Broadway show - so I wasn't surprised when I heard that it was being considered. When "Frozen" ended I nearly danced out of the theater. The (really) frozen streets in front of the building didn't seem quite so bad anymore - the cold didn't bother me nearly as much. A Disney move is always (thus far) good for the soul! Frozen gets two thumbs up from me.
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