November 9, 2013

The Purposeful, Systematic Destruction of the American Dream

Obama and his administration have destroyed healthcare for years to come.

It's actually an ingenious, diabolical plan - they've accomplished a lot for the "master" they serve - in one fell swoop:

1. Government successfully forcing citizens to PURCHASE something - anything - is TYRANNY! They've done this so called "legally" - and presented it in such a way that many willingly EMBRACE it!

2. Violation of religious freedom/persecution of Christians by forcing all to pay for contraception/abortifacient and sterilization coverage - effectively forcing a violation of conscience - in ADDITION to population control - with WILLING participants! 
 No need for gas chambers - they found an ingenious way for us to annihilate ourselves - and presented it as "women's healthcare"! 

3. For those of us who worked all of our lives to earn salary and benefit packages - to now receive lesser healthcare and lose established relationships with trusted physicians/medical professionals as they are booted from plans/plans are eliminated to to Obamacare!

4. Establish further control over American people by causing us to be without adequate, or ANY healthcare - making us  more vulnerable and dependent on the new, socialistic, BIG, Gov't.

I'm beginning to think that this was the plan all along. Obamacare fail will force us all into a one payer system. All you need to do is look at the record numbers of people who've joined medicaid since the healthcare website bomb to see the truth in this.

The damage this POTUS has done to our Country, WITH the support of the majority of citizens before our very eyes - will take decades upon decades to repair.

And don't even get me started with the military cuts. It's gotta stink to take orders from a POTUS/commander in chief who is destroying our country :(
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