October 1, 2013

POPE FRANCIS: "I'm not Francis of Assisi and I Do Not Have His Strength And His Holiness."

According to "Patheos" Catholic Blog - Pope Francis has not only reached out to the most anti-Catholic publication in Italy "La Repubblica," but personally offered and granted it's founder Eugenio Scalfari one of the mind blowing interviews the Holy Father is becoming famous for.

I'm still digesting the Holy Father's most recent interview  - arranged by Papa himself down to the telephone call - much to the surprise even of  Scalfari. The interview  is straight forward and easily understood - and they cover A LOT of territory.

LINK: English Translation of Pope Francis Interview

Read what Deacon Greg and Rocco Palmo have to say here: Patheos Blog: Pope Francis Bombshell Interview

Papa keeps VERY busy reaching out - to those who are most in need, to the most aggressively secular - even to those who are the most anti-Catholic. Not only that - it is apparent in from his homilies and addresses that he holds the already established Faithful to a higher standard . . . which is as it should be.

Papa most definitely reminds me of someone. Jesus <3

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