September 23, 2013


"We ought "to live sober, upright, and Godly lives in this world."
Titus 2:12

Which path will each one of us take today? I've learned from experience that when I "go my own way" things can - and do - go wrong very quickly. God's path is narrow - but it's the sure, joyful way. 

For example: when I reflect on past relationships (friendships and/or romantic) where Faith in the Lord was not the foundation I can see that they were like sand castles - they crumbled as soon as they were hit by the slightest of waves. Some even ended in heartbreak or despair. When I go my own way things don't go very well.

It's work to stay the narrow path - but the fruits are worth it! Character, endurance, patience, compassion, purity of spirit . . . these things and more are built up in us - making our own lives and the lives of those around us better - more joyful! We CANNOT and WILL NOT go wrong when we live in Faithful obedience to the Lord, turning to Him and allowing Him to guide us in all that we do.

This week let's exercise our spirits the same way we would our physical bodies! Friends, discipline is mastery of the self and will make us stronger - the same way curls make our biceps stronger.

I am fairly certain that each one of us will be provided with an opportunity to be of assistance to somebody in need today! If it's inconvenient for us to help them - all the better! An act of self sacrifice - especially for ones spouse, an elderly stranger or perhaps a handicapped individual - will increase ones own joy (and theirs) tenfold. Try it today and watch what happens! Offer to help somebody carry something, help someone load groceries into the trunk of their car, help an elderly person across the street, pay someones small bill on the checkout line, smile at a stranger! There are many ways that we can help one another today. I'd love some feedback if this has touched anybody's spirit today. It's always encouraging to hear of the joy that comes from helping others.

Lord, please guide us all in everything we do this day. Let it by Your way Lord, not ours. Send down Your Holy Spirit to give us the words or the silence as needed to do Your Holy Will. Let Your words be said through US Lord, Let Your Hands work through ours! I ask for a special blessing upon each and every person who prays this today. May they be a blessing to others and may all grow closer to You, through Christ our Lord, Amen.
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