August 2, 2013

Action/Adventure Movie Review: Pilgrims Progress

If you'd like a movie that can be enjoyed as a couple, with friends or as a family - this is your film - complete with monsters and action for the men!

"Pilgrim's Progress: A journey to Heaven" is adapted from the John Bunyan novel written in 1678. It is the timeless story of spiritual warfare . . . the progress of the Christian soul throughout this lifetime. It is as relevant (if not more so!) now as it was when it was written.

In this contemporary rendition complete with special effects we see the main character "Christian" fight demons as he makes his journey through the world and towards the heavenly gates. The narrow path ain't the easy one and Christian is led astray more than once - aren't we all familiar with this! The film gives visual evidence to our difficult but rewarding journey of Faith by showing actual battles, sword fights, etc with evil creatures/situations and even a giant troll (he looks like an evil "Shrek,") who imprisons & tortures Christian and a companion. I purchased this film from Amazon because netflix does not have it. 
Amazon Link: Pilgrims Progress DVD - SALE PRICE $10.54 FREE Shipping (Limited Time)  As you can see Amazon reviewers gave this movie 5 stars (based on nearly 150 reviews.)

Since there are some fight sequences with demons you may want to preview the film if you have small children. Great messages are heard/seen throughout the movie (based on Scripture.) But don't expect "Hollywood style" acting. Some of the acting is not as "developed" as theirs . . . but I will take these sincere performances over hedonistic Hollywood any day of the week! It's a really GOOD movie. I give it two thumbs up! Enjoy!

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