July 22, 2013


It's that time of year again: warm weather, sunshine, picnics. Oh - and mini-skirts & short-shorts. At Church. On 14 year old girls who are attending Mass with their parents.

It's not healthy to live in the past - but I miss a few things of days gone by. Two in particular: Reverence and Respect.

Men wearing shorts, tee shirts and tank tops - their son's attire reflecting the example of the "role model" (ie: Star Wars shirts, etc.)Women and young girls wear tight dresses with plunging necklines . . . tube tops . . . exposed arms and backs. Worse yet mini skirts - and they aren't baggy.

I believe that people don't know - they truly don't realize what they do! I wish somebody would've clued me in - back when. I've learned the value of modest attire - especially at Mass.

I want to share with my brothers & sisters - to  pass on knowledge - because we all want to approach the altar of our Lord with reverence and respect - don't we?  For example: In the past, I didn't know that a woman should not be sleeveless in Church. Now - I always wear (or bring) a light shrug - easy peasy!

Most parents don't intentionally want to sexualize their children or teach them a lack of respect - but this is exactly what they are learning with current styles of immodest dress. Parents - don't cave to "peer pressure!!" HOW will they learn if not from us - from YOU?? You are the teacher, the role model. Be a parent first, friend second - lest you do your child a grave injustice.

When we are invited to a black tie affair - a wedding - do we show up in shorts and a pirate shirt proclaiming "HEY - they're just lucky I'm here!"
If we had dining reservations would they let you through the door in a tee shirt?  YET - if we showed up for Holy Mass - the Wedding supper of the Lamb - and weren't allowed in because of our attire - many of us would be OUTRAGED. Some might even tell EVERYONE within earshot how "strict," "old fashioned" and "out of touch" the Church is.
YET . . . off we go in our collared shirts and tea length dresses to obey the dress codes at our favorite restaurants.

Reverence. Respect. Values. 
Why not begin a Sunday morning "family tradition?" Dress appropriately for Church and teach our children to do the same. Attend Mass cleaned up & lookin' pretty! Perhaps after Mass it's off to breakfast or lunch - or a change of clothes for a fun, family activity.

God is thrilled to have YOU in Church. We can't know a person's circumstances and we are not there to condemn. LOVE is above the law- Jesus teaches us this . . . and BECAUSE we love - we want to be reverent and respectful. And so - a line must be drawn when it comes to modesty at Holy Mass.

Here's what the Catechism teaches:
 “Bodily demeanor (gestures, clothing) ought to convey the respect, solemnity and joy of this moment when Christ becomes our guest.”  #1387

“Modesty is decency. It inspires one’s choice of clothing.” #2522

We love the Lord!! So let us celebrate the Holy Eucharist in thanksgiving with modesty, decency, respect for the Lord and for one another - and above all -  great JOY!

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July 13, 2013


Abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy were banned when HB2 passed in the Texas Senate yesterday amidst rioting by "pro aborts" in the Capital building.

From Texas Governor Perry's Office:
"Today the Texas Legislature took its final step in our historic effort to protect life. This legislation builds on the strong and unwavering commitment we have made to defend life and protect women's health. I am proud of our lawmakers, and citizens who tirelessly defended our smallest and most vulnerable Texans and future Texans."Link:http://governor.state.tx.us/news/press-release

Pro aborts fought tooth & nail against this "restriction"  yesterday, throwing "feminine products," stomping, screaming "F--- the Church F--- the State" & attempting to smuggle in jars of urine and feces to fling at senators who stand for the protection of innocent life. "Stand4Life" groups courageously prayed & sang amidst the turmoil - and emerged victorious. The above medical illustration shows a baby in it's fifth month of development. THIS is what pro abortion folk were fighting for the right to kill. Education is KEY - not the FALSE "Planned Parenthood" version of "it's just a mass of cells." SEE ABOVE MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION OF WOMB. SEE BABY IN 5TH MONTH OF DEVELOPMENT INSIDE, NOT A MASS OF CELLS.

May God bless Texas and all those who BRAVELY took a "Stand4Life" when things got dangerous. Below are a list of some of the related tweets, since the main stream media has given zero coverage to the mayhem that took place at the Texas Capital yesterday:


  2. The Capitol is on lockdown but I am in a safe location. This is absolute anarchy

  3. URGENT ALERT: After the final 3rd reading the orange r having a rally on the west side. Be sure 2 leave by the South or the East

  4. Every level is a mad house in rotunda. Quietest is top floor where we are & it is still crazy.

  5. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stop right now and say a Hail Mary for what's going on in Texas...

  6. Police everywhere. Pro-lifers being locked in offices. Only a few in blue left in rotunda for safety. There now.

  7. NARAL is trying to get protesters out of the building. They are refusing to follow their leaders saying "Hell no, we won't go."

  8. RT : DPS is telling to leave for their own safety. Riots imminent. Be careful

  9. Senator Nelson knocked it out of the park. Well done.

  10. Sen.Nelson-"& there was pain from those unborn children who didn't get a voice at our hearing"//LOVE!

  11. Please pray for my home. My Texas. Right now. We're almost there.

  12. Pro-lifers are being locked into congressmens offices for safety in Austin, God protect everyone there. PRAY

  13. Locking pro-lifers in offices. Pro-aborts out of control. but we

  14. RT Hell in rotunda right now. Never seen anything like it. Satan is here.

  15. The in TX are being told to leave the Capitol bldg. or seek shelter from the proaborts. Good Lord!

  16. The mayhem is on the ground floor. On the second floor stairs. DPS racing by us every few minutes.

July 7, 2013


One of the main reasons to live in Texas: Governor Rick Perry!

According to an article in Politico this morning:

"Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Sunday the abortion legislation State Sen. Wendy Davis blocked last month will pass when considered again by the Legislature.
"In Texas, we're going to support protecting life. We're going to stand up and say that after 20 weeks, we are not going to allow abortion in our state." 
 Perhaps that Catholic NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo - who is aggressively pushing abortion legislation up until and into the NINTH MONTH OF PREGNANCY - could take a lesson from Governor Rick Perry. So glad I'll be moving to Texas in the future, thanks be to God.
May God continue to bless Texas.

July 3, 2013


If you are on twitter, please do not follow these fraudulent accounts: 

"@pontifex_world  or @Pontiffex" 

A well meaning friend "re-tweeted" a comment from the first account two days ago. Something just didn't sit well with me so I investigated further. Upon looking at older tweets/follower/following on this account - I knew that not only was this account a phony - but a mockery of the Holy Father Pope Francis - complete with 11 THOUSAND MISLED FOLLOWERS. I was then informed of the SECOND phony Papal account.

If you want to follow the Holy Father on twitter his correct (English) account is: @pontifex. 
(Please note the same avatar photo is used on all THREE accounts.)