June 11, 2013

Andrew Cuomo: "I Do what Mylan TELLS Me To Do"

A Wall Street Journal article today revealed the architect of what Cardinal Dolan has decried to be The Most Radical Abortion Proposal of Any State:  Governor Andrew Cuomo's so called "Women's Equality Act."
Former federal prosecuter Mylan Denerstein has been known behind the scenes as "powerful counsel" to Cuomo for almost seven years now.

From the WSJ:
"Ms. Denerstein is the chief architect of the Women's Equality Act, the governor's most comprehensive effort to address issues such as abortion, pay equity and human trafficking. Ms. Denerstein spent six months negotiating with dozens of advocacy groups to craft the language in the bill, published three op-eds defending the abortion plank and presented the bill at the news conference." 
Link to WSJ Article: WSJ "Cuomo Aide Emerges Into Public Eye

It is of primary importance that we speak out against this piece of aggressive anti life legislation which expands late term abortion by allowing it UP TO THE NINTH MONTH of pregnancy. Please call/email your representatives and tell them to oppose this abortion agenda!  I will be sharing more relevant information as it comes to me. 
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