March 4, 2013

Keeping Lent Holy

I am so grateful for the Lenten season. If I can immerse myself - even a fraction  in our Lord's Passion - there is opportunity for great growth and purification.

Sadly I find that it takes a lot of effort to keep Lent in a world where the enemy is always "prowling" in attempt to trip me up. It came to me this morning that I still have so very far to travel in my quest to become selfless and humble.I am reminded of the importance of keeping my focus on the Lord at all times - in everything.

The enemy works hard to bring strife and darkness to our lives - he does everything he can to prevent us in drawing nearer to God. When we open ourselves up to the Lord in prayer His light shines out of the darkness - and His Goodness permeates everything - even the trials of our lives! Instead of wallowing in the dark we are given the opportunity to grow in His love.

This morning  my meditations began with Scripture. I moved on to St Faustina's Diary "Divine Mercy in my soul," and then a daily reading from the letters of Saint Paul of the Cross.  I felt called to share some of these meditations with you. I pray you are blessed as I was.

From Saint Faustina's diary:

"Whatever Jesus did, He did it well. He went along doing good. His manner was full of goodness and mercy. His steps were guided by compassion. Toward His enemies He showed goodness, kindness and understanding and to those in need help and consolation. I have resolved to mirror faithfully these traits of Jesus in myself during this month, even if it costs me much."

From the Letters of Saint Paul of the Cross:

"Take the trials you suffer, whether in body or spirit, also any other storm which arises from men or devils, and all the desolations, abandonment, darkness, etc, take them all I say, from the most gentle Heart of Jesus."


"Jesus, in Your Passion You have accepted the cup of suffering, not from Caiphas, or Pilate, or Herod, or the soldiers or the crowds, but from Your Father's Love. Teach me to accept my cup, not from others, but from His Love, trusting Him for the same loving outcome You experienced." Amen. 

The Litany of Humility 
done in a beautiful, contemporary song from: Danielle Rose

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