February 22, 2013

Vatican "Secret Sex Report" FACT CHECK

The "Spirit Daily" publication has covered a so-called "Vatican Secret Report," quoting Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" - which claims that the alleged report has led to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI - and not the obvious signs of age & weakness as stated by the Holy Father. Catholic author Robert Moynihan exposes the supposed details of alleged report here:  http://www.spiritdaily.com/A221secretreport.htm 

A "Discovery News.com" article by   and indicates that the paper has based the "report" on an "unnamed" Vatican source:

"Relying on an unnamed Vatican source, La Repubblica revealed that on December 17 three cardinals presented the pontiff with the “Relationem,” a 300-page report which investigated allegations brought up last year by the so-called Vatileaks scandal." 


In fact checking this story I found out that it did, in fact, originate in the Italian "La Repubblica," a well known anti-Catholic secular leftist publication which has been going after the Vatican and the Pope for many years now. Hmmmm . . . who will I believe . . . the vicar of Christ on earth . . . a Holy man who has led the Church this past eight years and gifted us with so much . . . or the anti-Catholic Italian rag "newspaper" which quotes an "unnamed source?" The Holy Father's obvious state of physical decline in and of itself is testament to the truth of his words!

I have presented the available facts - and I have made my own choice - not even a "choice" to me. I'm Catholic - which means I choose Pope Benedict, supreme Pontiff of Holy Mother Church.

Jesus I Trust In You