February 11, 2013


When I arrived on my blog just now I found it ironic that the last blog I wrote was about our Beloved Pope. I had no idea what was to come - and was initially shocked and saddened by beloved Pope Benedict's announcement of retirement.

In a conversation earlier today someone shared that they didn't understand why he announced his retirement now - just as Lent is about to begin.

My best guess is this: Lent is a somber time of prayer and reflection - ending in the glory and renewal of Easter. Whether intentional or not - I believe the timing is very appropriate. Over the course of the Lenten season we reflect, pray and fast. As Catholics we experience inner growth and renewal and move ever nearer to God. When Lent ends and spring begins we rejoice as we celebrate the resurrection of our Blessed Lord! What better time to celebrate the appointment of a new "papa!" I think it's perfect.

And so we must all learn to let go of our Beloved Pope Benedict XVI. I cannot imagine the prayer and discernment that went into making a decision of this magnitude. Our Holy Father offered himself up to be crucified - for the good of the Church. He is a beautiful example of Christs humility and courage - as always a true vicar of Christ on earth. He is more than deserving of our love and of our prayers. 

May the Holy Spirit continue to lead him and may God Bless Pope Benedict XVI with peace and serenity for the rest of his days, Amen!

Your Sister in Christ,
Jesus, I Trust In You
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