February 8, 2013

Please Support The Holy Father "Pontifex"

His Holiness @Pontifex

Pope Benedict XVI


I am making an appeal to those of you in the twitterverse. As most of us know our Holy Father Pope Benedict the 16th has been under attack through his twitter account.  Some of the comments posted in response to his loving tweets have been absolutely vile to say the least. 

The good news is that there are actually thousands upon thousands of retweets by those of us who love him. It is the actual comments left for him that are sickening. They are nothing short of vulgar - some even heinous. It is heartbreaking to think that he may be reading them. What has become of us???

The Vicar of Christ on Earth is well aware of the presence of the enemy in the world - even to the point of evil infiltrating the very Church founded by Christ. We know the gates of hell will not prevail because our Lord tells us so. But seeing such ugliness directed at The Pontiff I cannot help but wonder: How does he feel about it? My humble guess is that it likely brings him great sorrow to know that so many who were created by a loving Father are so very lost. They simply cannot know Him - or they would never utter or write such words.

And so, I ask you respond to Pope Benedict by tweeting lovingly and positively - in addition to retweeting. This has a twofold benefit: By showing the Pontifex love and support we are also planting seeds that others may come to know Jesus.
Jesus, I Trust In You

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