January 13, 2013

Secular Media Blackout: March for Life 2013

Last year an estimated 500,00 people of all ages and religious backgrounds walked together to support the God given rights of the unborn. You'd think that the media would jump all over any event with numbers like this - but sadly - it's a mainstream media blackout. You'll have to tune in to Catholic network EWTN to see any footage of the 2013 March for Life.

My husband and I try to attend when we can though it is a lengthy journey. We pray the rosary and sing the chaplet of Divine Mercy as we make this journey with friends.

Throughout the day we march, pray and sing - along with hundreds of thousands of Catholics and other like-minded pro-lifers. It is a unifying, prayerful experience. Last year we marched in the rain - a small sacrifice for the unborn who are massacred in untold numbers day after day, year after year.

The courageous women from "Silent No More" who've had abortions and deeply regret it - march in line holding somber, black "I Regret My Abortion" signs. I cry every time I see those women (and men.) May God bless them for their humility and their courage.

Please march in Washington on January 25th. Let us raise our voices for those who have no voice. I urge you to write, tweet, call and e-mail ABC, CBS, NBC and affiliates and challenge them to cover this event.

Jesus, I Trust In You

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