December 19, 2012

WWJD? 2012

In the wake of the horrific Newtown tragedy a grieving, collective nation is left asking many difficult questions. What are the answers? Gun control? More guns? How do we defend ourselves?  I think we can all agree on stricter background checks. My husband and I propose this: that gun owners be mandated to submit to annual inspections - ensuring that weapons are securely stored on the premises of a home or business.

Texas is a prime example of a State where very few of these incidents occur - primarily because residents are armed. I feel certain that any "prospective shooter" would think twice - knowing that their action would be reciprocated almost immediately if they even attempted such a heinous act.

In pondering this issue with my husband today I found myself asking: What Would Jesus Do? We must first and foremost prayerfully turn to our Blessed Lord for solutions in all things. Knowing that the magisterium of the Church is Holy Spirit led I will accept any answer that comes from the holy father - who's entire life is a reflection of this question.

Our secular nation may be offended by the notion of turning to Christ and His earthly vicar for answers - but it is "right and just" to do so. Being "politically correct" and tip toeing around sinful behaviors has gotten us into enough trouble.

May Almighty God help us to protect all innocent life - and to do His will in all matters - through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

 Jesus, I Trust In You

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