December 22, 2012


The USCCB - after uniting in prayer - issued a statement regarding the Newtown tragedy. The Bishops referenced Vatican document "The International Arms Trade" of 2006 in yesterdays response:
"With regard to the regulation of fire arms, first, the intent to protect one's loved ones is an honorable one, but simply put, guns are too easily accessible. The Vatican's Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, in their document, "The International Arms Trade (2006)," emphasized the importance of enacting concrete controls on handguns, for example, noting that "limiting the purchase of such arms would certainly not infringe on the rights of anyone."

The committee  pointed out the "desensitization" of society at the hands of the lucrative entertainment business - particularly citing the effect of violence on our young people. They have called for responsibility and improved resources for parents, guardians and the young:
"Secondly, our entertainers, especially film producers and video game creators, need to realize how their profit motives have allowed the proliferation of movies, television programs, video games and other entertainment that glorify violence and prey on the insecurities and immaturity of our young people. Such portrayals of violence have desensitized all of us. The massacre of twenty little children and seven adults causes each of us to reflect on our own understanding of the value of human life. We must improve our resources for parents, guardians and young people, so that they can evaluate entertainment products intelligently. We need to admit that the viewing and use of these products has negative emotional, psychological and spiritual effects on people."

The Bishops also addressed the need for health services and support of the mentally ill and their families:
 "We must also reflect on our own fears as we grapple with our prejudices toward those with mental health needs. Our society must provide health services and support to those who have mental illnesses and to their families and caregivers. As a community we need to support one another so no one feels unable to get help for a mentally ill family member or neighbor in need."

In recent times America has had a great need for the defense of our Constitutional rights. I have joined with many others in the vehement defense of these rights - especially our religious freedom and the right to bear arms. I am American - but above all things I am Catholic. Jesus Christ calls His followers to live out the Faith in every aspect of our lives. He gave us His Holy Spirit led Church to preach, guide and instruct.

I may not trust the current administration but I trust in God and His Church. If you are truly Catholic - then you are called to do the same. The Magisterium has called for the regulation of firearms. I accept this and abide by whatever it entails, trusting that we are truly in God's Hands. You can read the Bishop's response in it's entirety here:

Jesus, I Trust in You!
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