December 12, 2012

Christ is Being Crucified NOW - In Times Square

Did you know that Christ is still being crucified?  Today - in the middle of the public square. I will not post the photo here - but you can click this link from "The Catholic League" to view it:

The fact that this awful billboard is hanging in the middle of Times Square, New York City is particularly significant. I can say this - because I am a New Yorker (Long Island.) Christ is being crucified in one of the most aggressively secular, corrupt, vile, hedonistic cities in the United States. I was in "the City" (as Long Islanders refer to it) this past weekend. The billboard wasn't hanging yet but you could see the devil prowling. One could almost hear him roar.

Something else steadily burns beneath the twinkling "holiday" lights and decorations of Manhattan. The enormous video screens in Times Square blast everyone within seeing distance with inappropriate images of scantily clad people frolicking and dancing about. Newsstands boldly display vulgar magazine covers and so called "newspapers" - and billboards feature gay couples embracing - many of them quite young. Victoria's secret and other like minded stores feature gigantic billboards of women in barely there undergarments, photographed in seductive positions. Every man, woman and child passerby is subjected to these images . . . and much, much more.

Someone remarked to me that it is "good to have your Faith challenged" and that Christians "shouldn't live in a cocoon of comfort." No worries there! It is virtually impossible to LIVE the Christian life and be "cocooned in comfort." Just take a look at the lives of the saints. YES, I am comparing us to saints because each one of us is called to sainthood - and if that is what we aspire to - it's anything but "comfortable." The beauty is this: the peace of Christ permeating our hearts is greater than any comfort the world can offer.

Please pray for the "American Atheists" group that paid big money to crucify our Lord once again. Unbeknownst to them - if they do not ask for God's Mercy they will suffer eternal perdition. I feel certain that our Blessed Lord is once again saying, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."

Your sister in Christ,
Jesus, I trust in You!
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