November 17, 2012

The World at War

 I am of course making reference to the Israel-Gaza conflict. I will begin by stating that I stand with Israel - and with the right of anybody to protect themselves if there is a true threat.


I now ask this question: What would Jesus Do? My own heart grieves after viewing photos of little ones who have been suffering for the sins of the fathers. Suffering and dying - as grown men end the day resting in warm beds. Does it really matter what "side" they're on? What would our Lord say?


The Lord put us on this earth to know love and serve Him - and to love our neighbor. Being human we all fall short of living the joy and purpose God intended for us. How does this innocent bloodshed - in any way - fulfill God's plan?  Not only does it negate God's plan for humanity - it is not of God. It is never of God to cause His precious little ones to suffer so horribly. In viewing the photos of these babies two words come to mind: INNOCENT BLOODSHED.  I almost felt like I was looking at images of aborted babies. Oh how sorely disappointed our God must be with humanity - that we cause His precious little ones to suffer so!


The images of these babies are graphic so I will post links only. You will be upset. However what you will feel will not be a tenth of what these innocent victims felt. We need to know - so that our grieving hearts can cry out to the Lord in prayer. The decision is yours. I have chosen one video and two photographs:

BBC Cameraman grieves over lifeless body of 11 month old son

The world is at war. We are all in a constant state of spiritual warfare and for Israel and Gaza it has spilled over into the physical realm. We all inhabit the same planet - we all feel the ripples. Whether or not you agree with this statement does not matter - it is true. 


So I beg you to pray. Pray for an end to this conflict. We know that with God all things are possible. Be strong in your Faith and your petitions. I ask you to offer up everything you have, do and are to alleviate the suffering of these little ones. Pray the rosary, pray in adoration, offer up the Mass, the Holy Eucharist, every action you carry out this day. Pray for the babies, the leaders - pray for the men who fire the missiles. Please - pray for peace with everything you've got.

Your sister in Christ,
  Jesus, I Trust in You!
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