October 22, 2012

We are The Hands of Christ

The Missionaries of the Poor

EWTN ran a special yesterday about the amazing mission of these priests and brothers - and I was moved to tears to the point that I knew the Holy Spirit was at work. These compassionate men are most definitely the hands of Christ. They ease the pain of so many who suffer from lack and excruciating physical (and spiritual) neglect.  I cried my eyes out through the presentation and I was determined to help with prayer, spreading the word, a donation and I hope some day to volunteer at one of the missions (feeling called to Jamaica.)

I visited their website which explains that you may help in several ways. You can donate money or much needed supplies - or you may volunteer at one of their locations (they put you up in their housing.) As I watched and listened to Fr. Richard Ho Lung he began to remind me of Blessed Mother Teresa. It isn't long so please - take a quick look:


May God bless each and every one these holy men for their sacrifice and compassion. May the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ cover, enable and protect them in their daily work and in their rest. May He continue to work through them to bring healing, happiness and the knowledge of Christ's love to  those who would otherwise die in the streets (literally) - having never known even the smallest of comforts. And may other souls be touched as deeply as I've been - so that we too may act as the hands of Christ and together provide the means for this mission to continue. I ask all this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Links and information:
P O Box 8523, 3 North Street, Kingston, Jamaica, WI
Phone: (876) 967-0341, (876) 922-2676, USA: (404) 248-1197
Email: mopja@cwjamaica.com 

(Although the website was operating yesterday the "bandwith" is down as of this posting. But please don't give up!)

Your sister in Christ - on this the first feast day of Blessed John Paul II!

Jesus, I trust in You!

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