October 12, 2012

VP Joe Biden: Laughter is Good For the Soul

As an American I was sickened and embarrassed last night. If you watched the debate then you already know that our Vice President was rude, arrogant and just plain disrespectful. Biden spent the first 30 minutes of the debate yelling at Paul Ryan in addition to interrupting him constantly - which the moderator Martha Raddatz allowed. At one point both the moderator and VP Biden interrupted Ryan at the same time! 

As if this wasn't bad enough Biden cackled, grinned, sighed, smirked and outright laughed while Paul Ryan was speaking. In fact he was laughing so hard at times I was waiting for him to fall off his chair. He was anything but Vice Presidential up to and including his mastery of the English language. When he told Paul Ryan that this is just a "bunch of stuff" the moderator actually asked him in a serious tone, "bunch of stuff-what is that- explain to me-I don't know what that means." "It's Irish" Paul Ryan interpreted. Apparently Biden is fluent in the use of Irish phrases since he used the word "malarkey" several times as well.

Catholic Joe
 When the issue of abortion was raised Biden's hand waving, finger pointing and hollering ceased. "Angry Joe" and "Laughing Joe" were gone. "Funeral director Joe" was on the scene with a new somber tone. My stomach turned when Biden called himself "a practicing Catholic" since his views/actions (in this case pro abortion) are not in keeping with the Faith. Sitting in a pew once a week for an hour does not make one a practicing Catholic - any more than watching a football game makes one a football player. I pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten him and that "the unknowing" will not view this man as an example of a practicing Catholic.

Each one of us is a work in progress but public figures like Biden (and nuns on the bus) who actually contrast with Church teaching send the wrong message. When all the hilarity is said and done a very bad taste remains in my mouth. It is discomforting at the very least to know that this rude, obnoxious man could very well become President of the United States if necessary.

If you missed the debate you can read the transcript here: TRANSCRIPT VP DEBATE

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