October 4, 2012

John Paul II International Film Festival


I had never heard of this film festival until a tweet went out the other day providing a link to the "2012 official selections." Needless to say I was thrilled! This event honors the "views and ideals" of Blessed JP2G, and promotes faith based films. With only a few exceptions most of these films do not receive mention in the secular media - not surprising.

It simply amazes me that I have never heard of this 2 week long event before! The festival which was implemented in 2009 takes place in Miami Florida. From the website:

"The JP2IFF is an annual event where families, couples, singles, people of all ages and cultures can experience the beauty of Faith through film, music, and communion.
The two-week long film festival showcases the latest in faith-based films, and other artistic expressions that support the values and virtues that made JP2 so loved in the world by Catholics and non-Catholics alike."

I watched each one of the trailers and was pretty much blown away by everything I saw. I was happy to see that "For Greater Glory" with Andy Garcia is there;  a mainstream film depicting the importance of religious freedom.  I would like to mention that "The Way" stars actors Martin Sheen and (director) Emilio Estevez. For the most part the remaining films do not feature known actors - a fact that matters little.

Please check out the website here:

You can directly access the 2012 Official Selections here:  

I hope you enjoy reading about this festival and viewing the selections as much as I did. I look forward to viewing each one of them. In addition, I'd like to share the website of Sr. Helena Burns with you: Hell Burns
Sister Helena tweeted the information about this festival. Many thanks Sister!

May God bless every eye that reads this.

Jesus, I Trust In You
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