October 13, 2012

Represent??? Better word for it: Cave.


Good Heavens.

Since when are our shepherds--our bishops--supposed to "represent" ill-informed, badly catechized Catholics who don't practice their faith?
Gimme a break! If married Catholic couples DID what the Catholic Church provides --NATURAL family planning-- their bodies, spiritual lives AND marriages would be better off AND healthier.
But no--poison your bodies, disorder your married lives and disobey the unchanging teaching of the truth by the one Church that Jesus Christ GIFTED us with. How do you think that will work out for you when you stand before Him, or even before that, as your bodies respond to the poison the pharmaceutical companies sell you and you toss out the trust and bonding that NFP enhances?
Educate yourselves! And don't expect the bishops to "represent" you if you willfully disregard the teaching they are entrusted to share.
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