October 18, 2012

Election 2012: The Catholic Dilemma

I've known all along that I'm voting for Romney. I went into this with the realization that I would be voting for the lesser evil. However, after the first debate I felt better about my choice to vote for Romney. I found him to be clear and concise in his responses, stating the facts without faltering. Since he is a businessman he may even be able to get us out of this fiscal mess. Romney is also bold in his faith, never hesitating to announce "I believe in God." Since I am Catholic his pro-life position has been big for me - even bigger when he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate.


New Romney Ad

Sadly, last night I saw an ad actually endorsed by Mitt Romney stating that he supports contraception - and abortion in certain cases. Now, I fully realize that these cases - rape, incest and the mother's health - constitute less than one percent of all abortions statistically - perhaps this is how he views it. But as a Catholic I was sorely disappointed and even sickened when I saw this ad. I cannot post the video here. It can be seen "by link" only, so here is a link to the NY Times article where you can see the video: NY Times Article with Romney Ad supporting Contraception and Abortion

Having said this -  I'm still voting for Romney because he is clearly the lesser of two evils. President Obama supports abortion, infanticide, sterilization and contraception 100% of the time. Heck, he even wants your employer to pay for birth control - even if it goes against everything they believe in - including their religion. Further I will not contribute to what has already begun to take place at the new Kremlin, er, umm, I mean the White House: the socialization of America.

As Christians we are always called to prayer - and I do include the current administration in my prayers. Now more than ever we need to pray hard for Mitt Romney . . . that he will become enlightened to the fact that no matter how a baby is conceived - it is always innocent.

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