October 10, 2012

Baptist Universities file suit against HHS Mandate

God brings good out of everything - and it's always amazing to watch Him work!

Persecution Leading to Unity
Iron is forged through fire and we are surely going through the fire now. The American Church is being persecuted to an extreme we've never seen before - and at the hands of our own government. 

We now see Americans - Christian, Jewish, Morman (Glen Beck, Mitt Romney,) etc - standing up, praying together and fighting for our God given right to freedom.The beautiful thing that's come out of Obama's HHS Mandate is this solidarity we are currently experiencing. The fight for religious freedom has us holding hands like never before!
From EWTN News:
Two Baptist universities in Texas have joined scores of other institutions in filing a lawsuit against the federal contraception mandate, arguing that it infringes upon their free exercise of religion by forcing them to violate their sincerely-held religious beliefs.“While we are always reluctant to enter into lawsuits, the government has given us no choice,” said Dr. Robert Sloan, president of Houston Baptist University. Read more: http://www.ewtnnews.com/catholic-news/US.php?id=6312#ixzz28tsreAaJ

 I have made a personal choice to stay focused on blessings like this regardless of what happens. I will continue to stand alongside my fellow Americans, pray without ceasing and fight the good fight.  As always my Faith will sustain me and I will take comfort in the assurance of our Blessed Lord that "the gates of hell will not prevail!"

Jesus, I Trust in You!

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