September 25, 2012



As a new catechism teacher myself, I find it absolutely ludicrous that a catechist would have a problem with being asked to teach the Faith correctly!! Yet this is exactly what happened when the catechists of the Diocese of Arlington, VA. were asked to sign a simple document promising to teach what the Catholic Church teaches.  As ridiculous as this sounds many of them freaked out.

This state of political correctness - even to the point of watering down our Faith and teaching it improperly - is utter nonsense. What exactly would happen if our public school teachers decided to teach their own versions of reading, writing and 'rithmatic? Of course, this would be unacceptable. Why then would anyone expect (even demand) that the Catholic Church do so? Does any other religion water down their Faith to make it acceptable to secular society?

I am thrilled that those who insisted upon improperly catechising have resigned! And kudos to the Diocese of Arlington for staying true to the Faith. May God richly bless them and give them the strength  and the guidance to continue on in this earthly spiritual battle. Amen.

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