September 20, 2012

Kill Your Baby For Free Day

Yesterday in Orlando Florida a late-term abortionist offered a 'free baby-killing day' for pregnant women who were scared, anxious or resentful of their pregnancy. The women were lined up at the clinic and dozens of babies were literally massacred. How can anyone do something like this to those poor, innocent human beings that did nothing but be conceived in the womb of the mother who is supposed to be their natural protector. I burst in to tears.

The story was found on and was an article written by Jennifer LeClare of Charisma News.

This is something that doesn't appear in the news. Why would it? Most people who run the news services are liberal as can be and want people to kill their unborn child. Why? I have no idea. It just shows the culture of death John Paul II spoke of that we are living in.

What people do not understand or want to believe or refuse to believe is that God will punish us and every other nation who allows this atrocity to go on. How can people be for the innocent slaughter of the unborn and then cry their eyes out when a murderer is executed? I don't understand.

Catholics are part of the problem. They, too, believe it should be ok for a woman to choose abortion if she so chooses. They deliberately go against Church teaching in favor of this immoral act, which takes care of other immoral acts - sex outside of marriage. Recreational sex. And it has spilled over to little children who are being murdered by both parents for whatever reason at an alarming rate. What was it Jesus said about harming a child?

There is a global prayer movement being formed to defeat the evil of abortion. It's just one rosary a day to end abortion. We pro-lifers need to do this. Including non-Catholics. We need to storm heaven for prayers to save an unborn child a day for each person who prays the rosary. There is a rosary available, too, that honors the unborn. You can find information for this movement at

Join me and others today, to save an unborn child a day and for abortion to end. Ora Pro Nobis Maria.

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