September 17, 2012

How To Save Your Soul

Spiritual Nourishment

 We feed our body several times a day - and yet most of the time we neglect to feed our spirit. How much more important is our eternal soul than our body which sooner or later will pass away? When we neglect spiritual nourishment we stagnate, wither or even worse:  become blind to Truth and suffer spiritual death.
In addition to receiving the Holy Eucharist as often as possible - we obtain spiritual sustenance from God's Word. 

The Holy Bible is the Divinely Inspired Word of God. Here we listen to His Voice and enter into relationship with our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ. It is important to take time - even a few minutes each day - to read God's Word. Take some time to prayerfully meditate upon what you have read, and listen to God speak directly to your heart. 

Today I would like to share with you another wonderful source of nourishment, an invaluable resource that should grace every Catholic home:

"The Catechism Explained"
An Exhaustive Explanation of the Catholic Religion. Rev. Francis Spirago/edited by Rev. Richard F. Clarke,S.J.Copyright 1899,1921 by Benziger Bros, NY. Tan Books & Publishers, Inc. Rockford, Illinois 61105.   
"The Catechism Explained" is  a comprehensive guidebook of our Catholic Faith. It is my bible . . . after the Bible!

From the preface:  
"This Catechism is in fact nothing more than a guidebook for the Christian on the road to heaven. First the goal of the traveler is indicated, and then the means whereby he is to reach his destination.”


Every Catholic subject you could possibly imagine is contained within this lovely book. It is informative and beautifully written. Though not elementary it's easy to understand (even for the beginner.) Within these pages you will find wisdom and beauty which can be applied to every aspect of life.

 For example:
"Friendship, like a building, must rest upon a solid foundation; and only when this foundation is the fear of God and the love of God, will the structure of friendship stand firm. If it is based on wrong or selfish motives, it is founded upon sand."
The text was originally written in 1899 which lends great charm - and yet it is still timely! Only the use of a few minor Church disciplines have changed. Some of the language is also different. One example is the use of the term "holy ghost.” I see my grandmother's face before me when I read words such as this and I find it endearing!

Some things have changed since this book was written and subsequently changed back again! For instance the beautiful words from scripture "Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof"  have been reinstated and are found in this book. I am reminded that the "new Mass" is truly not new, but Scriptural and Traditional . . .and therefore glorious!

Scripture is quoted and referenced as the foundation of all teachings throughout this manual. The beautiful teachings of Church fathers/saints are referred to as well, providing us with further support and enlightenment:
“The Bible” says St. Ephrem,” is like a trumpet that inspires courage into soldiers. It is like a lighthouse, which guides us to a safe haven, as we sail over the perilous sea of life.”

Yes at times life can be perilous - and without God’s Love it is devoid of all meaning. We all need guidance as we make our way through the darkness of this culture where corruption, disorders and vice are not only accepted but  glorified, and forced upon us.Without the Holy Eucharist, prayer and God’s Word we are lost souls. Most of us are sore in need of the kind of wisdom and guidance that can be found in this good, practical manual.

This work embodies a wealth of information for the mind but more importantly for the heart and the soul. It is simply lovely and it will truly nourish your Faith. “The Catechism Explained,”  is a treasure for every Catholic. As we draw to a close I wish you God’s blessing and leave you with a line from the Old Testament which can be found on the title page:

“Take hold on instruction, leave it not; keep it, because it is thy life.”
                                        -Proverbs 4:13

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