September 29, 2012

Father Jim Chern on Archbishop Myers' Letter

Father posted this to Facebook and with his permission, I repost it here.  This should be required reading by the media ---those who call Cafeteria Catholic politicians "devout" simply because they were baptized into the faith. You know the type. "The good senator, a devout Catholic, points to the teaching of the Vatican on abortion and decries it as behind the times at best and an assault on women at worse..."
Good job, Father Jim.

Status Update
By Fr Jim Chern
Just sent to the Star Ledger:

To The Editor:

Star Ledger Editorial logic:

Archbishop Myers is inserting himself in Presidential election because he’s instructing Catholics on faith and morals by issuing a letter explaining consistent Catholic (and a vast majority of mainline Judeo-Christian) teaching on Marriage and Life.

Meanwhile, the “Nuns on the bus” (at last count there were only 2 out of 57,000 nuns in the United States on the bus) is not political at all– even though Sister Simone Campbell one of the “traveling sisters” spoke at the Democratic National Convention and has criticized Republicans on issues not related to faith or morals. Why? Simply because the Star Ledger says so. The crack journalists of this once-great paper try to portray the “nuns on the bus” akin to Mother Teresa’s sisters caring for the poor, ignoring how they shuttle around the country on a luxury bus making what appears campaign stops.

This couldn’t have anything to do with this paper’s bias against Catholic teaching not aligning towards the editorial board's obvious political leanings could it?

Fr. Jim Chern,
Montclair, New Jersey
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